Friday, September 7, 2007

End-of-summer update

Since today was Avery's first day of school, I thought I would recap the rest of our summer. It was not as crazy as the beginning, but we stayed busy nonetheless.

Avery did a lot of swimming this summer and became very confident in the pool. One evening, we swam at a friend's pool where the heater had been left on for a long time. Avery was in the pool for over 3 hours! She even went swimming in a geological crater this summer.

For the first time in Dex's life and the second time in Avery's (and the 27th time for Courtney), we attended the Annual Bleggi Family Reunion. Every year in August the 5 generation Bleggi family gets together for a weekend in the mountains. Most people have stopped camping and just come for the day, but not Avery and me. We set up a tent and roughed it! On Sunday morning we ran races and dug for treasures in saw dust. The eye doctor isn't particulary fond on the former activity :) The very next day, we went to the Wallin family reunion for 3 days at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah. We danced the tooty-tot, played lots of fun games, won prizes at Bunco, and met cousins that we didn't know we had. We had a blast.

In between all of these festivities we have been raking and raking and raking and.... raking rocks. They are literally multiplying right before our eyes. We are hoping to have sod layed in a few weeks. Our secondary water is turned off on October 15th so cross your fingers that we will make it! The sprinklers are going in this weekend. Then we get to do more.... raking!

Since we did so much raking, we needed a little break. So, for our 9th anniversary Trevin and I went to Jackson, Wyoming for a couple of days. There is nothing like a little dose of heaven to remind you of the important things in life. A weekend in the mountains is rejuvenating. If you don't believe me, come visit us soon!

Just so I didn't completely forget what reality is really like, I started back to work a couple of weeks ago. I have agreed to work 12 hours a week for Morgan School District, although it is about a 60 hour per week job. Hopefully that simmers down a bit.

Dex has spent a lot of time with his sister and the neighborhood girls as the photos indicate. Although pink is his favorite color, he is still all boy! He has learned to jump off the side of the pool with very little fear. Both Dex and Avery have spent a lot of time being sprayed down by the hose since the activity of choice around here is making mud pies.

Avery turned 5! Unfortunately she had a stomach bug for 2 weeks and it was right in the middle of the birthday celebration. We had planned to meet all of her cousins at the local pool, but when we got there they told us it was closed to kids 5 and under because of cryptosporidium (a nasty bug terrorizing public pools). So luckily, Nana Ann's sister let us scramble and have the party at her pool. We were very grateful to her for our last minute intrusion.

With Avery finally on the mend. We went to Pineview Resevoir for a fun Labor Day afternoon. Well, I better wrap this up and get to bed. We are going to have an early morning with the yard.