Saturday, January 19, 2008

We had a wonderful holiday season. We started out with a holiday party at the Discovery Gateway museum with Grandpa Craig and Barb. We forgot our camera though, so our memories will have to last.

Trevin took Avery skiing for her first time on Christmas Eve and Dex and I joined them at Snowbasin for lunch. Dex even took a run on Avery’s skis. He is really proud to tell every one that he skis. We celebrated Christmas Eve at our house. Nana Ann and part of the Bleggi family joined us. We were excited when Brooke, Brock, and Alex dropped in by surprise. We had a really cute Nativity program. Avery was an angel and Alex and Dex were Mary and Joseph. Nana Ann spent the night at our house and on Christmas morning, Santa had left an American Girl, Nicky, for Avery and a horse for Dex. The motorcycle that Trevin gave Dex won out though.

Our Christmas was really fun. We had our annual omelet tradition (for over 10 years now!) And then decided to drive to the Bleggi’s and spend Christmas Night at their house.

We definitely had a white Christmas. The amount of snow that we have had this entire winter has been unbelievable. It’s also been unbelievable cold. So much for escaping the Michigan winters.

A new addition was added to the Bleggi cousins. Sienna Marie was born to Samantha and Jesse on December 30th. Avery and Dex love holding her. They are so proud to be big cousins.

For the New Year, we spent a couple of days at a condo near Snowbasin with Nana Ann and all the Wallin cousins (except Jordan’s family ☹). It was fun skiing with them, playing games, and hanging out.

Last weekend, we had quite a scare when Jesse and Seth (Courtney’s brothers-in-law) got stranded in the mountains near the Bleggi’s cabin. The went out for a short ride and their snowmobiles got stuck. It was quite a hike for them. We even had to call Search and Rescue. The helicopter came out and everything. Our Sequoia turned into a sort of mobile command unit. After a long day in the mountain, they finally reunited with us about 9 pm. We are so glad they are safe! Avery and Dex were very good during the entire ordeal considering that we were sitting in a stationary vehicle for over 5 hours and then had an hour and a half drive home.