Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wow! Almost two months have gone by since my last post so I’ll keep this brief. In fact, here are the last couple of months in list form

Sometime in May
Trevin begins work on our deck that’s ALMOST finished. A project he will be glad to complete. It’s his first really big house project and he has done an excellent job. It cost half as much as our neighbors that they hired out, but theirs was finished in two days.

June 3
Megan’s Bridal Shower

June 4
Avery begins weekly playgroup with 8 other neighborhood kids who will start Kindergarten with her.

June 4
Avery begins piano lesson every Wednesday. Trevin and I worked all winter and into the spring finishing an antique piano that our neighbors gave to us. It’s the first piano we’ve had since we’ve been married!

June 9-18
Swim class for Avery. Mom and Tot swim class for Dex. Avery learns during 1st lesson to jump off diving board and swim to the side of the pool.

June 19
Megan (Courtney’s baby sister) and Derek get married in the Salt Lake Temple. Reception at Thanksgiving Point that same night.

June 23
First Trip to Ogden Dinosaur Park

June 27
Day at Tracy Aviary and Liberty Park

June 28-July 1
Trip to Sun Valley, Idaho with the entire Bleggi Family. Swimming, ice skating, paddle boats, a carnival, bike rides, and a late movie on the lawn. At a Chinese restaurant, Dex insisted on his own take-out box. It was fun to watch him carry it back to the condo all by himself.

Everything Dex does these days is all by himself. In and out of car, opening doors, getting a drink, using the potty, getting dressed and undressed. He is very independent and very responsible. He even makes is own, new big boy bed. It has a ladder and a slide.

July 3
Neighborhood children’s parade and picnic and Winegar Family Party and Bountiful City Fireworks

July 4th
Bleggi Cabin

July 5th
Grandpa Craig’s Treehouse for the day

July 11th
Our first (and only) trip to LAGOON this summer (amusement park). We went with our neighbors the Winegars (distant relatives through Trevin’s mom. Small world!)

July 18-19
Bear Lake with our friends the Stanbridges. (We forgot the camera and the plugs for the tube to pull around with the boat. But, we had fun in the sun, on the beach, and camping at the KOA!)

July 21
Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur park with our friends from Colorado

July 23
Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo

July 24-28
New York City (adults only!) This was our 10th anniversary trip and my first time to NYC. I’ll dedicate a separate post to this in the very near future.

All the while, I’ve been working for the local school district summer school program, getting to know my new camera, learning the guitar, and growing a baby! I’m 27 weeks today. Now, you can see why I haven’t had a chance to post in a while. Trevin has also been training for a 200 mile race from Logan, UT to Jackson, WY in September.

Hopefully, we can relax a little on our new deck before school starts and the baby is born. Here are a few pictures that we've taken along the way. Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge the slideshow.