Monday, October 31, 2011

All Saint's Day Resolutions

Here's a challenge, a battle of the wills (both of which are my wills), if you will (ha, ha.) If I commit to this publicly, I have to stick with it, right? So, if you decide to join me, leave a comment or send and email and we can discuss our success (and inevitable failures.)

For the past couple of months, I've been on a sort of self-restricted diet. No dairy, no chocolate. My baby seems to have a sensitive tummy. I've been thinking A LOT about sugar though. Hello.... and goodbye TWO bags of candy corns (which are totally gross and addicting!) I could probably use a little break from sugar.

Since tonight is Halloween, I've been planning on raiding the kids bags of candy for a final binge before beginning my "sugar fast." Well, the funny thing about it is that the cheap chocolate candy doesn't  seem taste as good and it has a nasty aftertaste. Now is the perfect time to resolve to NO sugar (and least for a little while.)

Here's my goal for 30 days...

  1. Begin by avoiding any food containing flour including white rice, wheat, pasta and any white or corn flour.
  2. Replace flour foods with whole grains, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, corn tortillas, barley and oats
  3. Next avoid any food or drink containing sugar including fructose syrup, soda or fizzy drinks, cane juice and glucose.
  4. Replace the sugar containing products with fresh fruit and don’t forget to include dairy products, meat and vegetables.
  5. Educate myself by reading and checking all food labels and packing especially where there may be hidden sugars or flours in readymade meals.
  6.  I am going to allow myself one treat/dessert per week. Oh, and on Thanksgiving, all bets are off!
So, are you in?