Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dex is 2!

We had a whole week of festivities for Dex. He is having so much fun with all the "boy" toys that he received for his birthday. A fire engine, a train set, a tool box, a firefighter jacket and boots. He's going to be a "hire highter" for Halloween. Trevin finally put his foot down with Dex taking purses everywhere he goes and declaring pink as his favorite color!

Last weekend, Avery learned to ride a 4-Wheeler with her cousin. Even though she liked it, she still remains firm with her ambition to be a trick horse rider at rodeos when she grows up.

I will be 31 on Wednesday. Thank goodness that the whole 30 thing is finished. I didn't care much for that particular birthday. We really celebrate birthday months around here thanks to my friend Lor :)

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Yipee! The grass is in and it looks great. The builder finished the very last touch-up on the list for our house yesterday which is probably record time. Trevin was very persistent to remind them of the pending projects.

Preschool is going great for Avery. A couple of times a week, we’ve continued our own little “school” program while Dex naps and she really seems to be catching on to reading. Just the other day she was shopping with Sam and Meg and saw a t-shirt. She giggled to herself and said, “Hey, that says,’Hug Me, I’m Too Cute.’” Sam and Meg couldn’t believe it.

We had a fun weekend in Park City with my mom and sisters while my dad and all the brother-in-laws went hunting in Wyoming. I forgot my camera though so just the memories will have too do. Actually, I put my camera in my purse so I wouldn’t forget it and then I forgot my purse. ☺

Dex will turn two next week. We haven’t planned much and I’m not sure what to do for a birthday cake. Any suggestions? He is totally in to trains right now.

Trevin has done several Lasik cases now, is operating regularly, and is building a good patient base. Luckily, business seems to be booming.

I am still working for the local school district despite the excessive amount of work for my short two days a week. I did convince them to hire a staff speech pathologist and they are posting a listing!

Trevin’s dad, Grandpa Craig, helped make a great magnet board for our mud room. Now we have our own little art museum. The kids love it! And so do I especially since it’s located in the mud room.

Everyone around here is healthy and happy and enjoying a beautiful Utah Autumn.