Saturday, November 12, 2011

Posting Party

Today, I have had fun posting over HERE....

I hope to have some 3 year old and newborn photos next week.

{Now that the baby is sleeping all night, I'm playing catch up ;)}

Fall Festival

Our good friends have made an annual tradition of raking leaves, harvesting sweet fruit, and gobbling yummy soups. We can't wait until next fall. Here are a few of my favorite shots, but click HERE for all of the photos. It is so hard to choose! _MG_8787.jpg _MG_8794.jpg _MG_8788.jpg IMG_8822.jpg

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just for fun...


Here's a favorite photo of our little darlin' when she was a couple of weeks old. Now she is 10 1/2 weeks.  

Below are the rest of the little goblins. 

As I was walking down the stairs one night, Maddie whispered to Trevin, "Shhhh, here comes a witch."

Trevin asked, " Who's the witch?" 

Of course she answered, "Mom." 

"Why is mom the witch." 

"Because she's mean." 

 So I guess I have some work to do.
  _MG_8957.jpg _MG_8989.jpg