Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a year in review

I'm a little slow to post this, but today is the first day of the year that everyone in the house is well! For awhile, I was a little worried about how we started the new year but today things are looking up. So, here's a little review of the what made 2011 memorable for us (in no particular order.)

Christmas Eve at Snowbasin

Christmas Morning 

New Year's Eve 
Family Easter Egg Hunt

Green Valley Clubhouse

Final Four 

Our anniversary present

First Day of School

Brown-eyed girl (finally!)

Lots of love for the baby 

Sunday afternoon

1st family photo

9 years old

A TRUE princess

6 years old

3 months old

3 years old 

Lots of toesies

 Our living nativity

Breakdown (I was driving. so. so. scary!)

Park City 

Kodachrome Basin 

Tour de Mtn Green

Monday, January 9, 2012

Love Notes

Avery has been creating cute little notes for everyone in the family...

Apparently, Maddie likes it because today she brought me this note and said, "This says that I like you to be a snuggle bug."

She's learning to write her name. A little order and a few more letters and she'll get there :)