Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mountain Green Moonlight Snowshoe Dates!

I’ve been studying lunar phases with all of my extra time between kids, laundry, cleaning, working, etc. and think I have a good idea of the best time to be in the mountains after dark.

If you are not familiar with snowshoeing, here are a few tips. For those of you who are experienced, please comment with any more ideas/tips.

First, if you don’t have snowshoes, don’t let that stop you. Call me and I’ll find you a pair. You will need warm snowboots or possibly hiking boot.

Second, if you would like to purchase snowshoes, keep in mind the terrain that you will use them for. If you join the Mountain Green Moonlight Snowshoe (MGMS) club (maybe we need a contest to come up with a name for ourselves), we will be mostly traveling on packed trails. If you come sometime with my husband and me, we venture off the beaten path into powder. Powder snowshoes are quite uncomfortable on packed

Here is a link to a good fitness snowshoe, but this is a pricey place to buy them. I think about $70 or less would buy a good shoe. Ebay would probably have great used snowshoes from people who thought they would like it and then just used them to collect dust.

We have Tubbs, Redfeather, and LLBean and like all of the brands. Avery and Dex even have snowshoes.

Third, originally this was a ladies-only venture so that someone stayed home with the kids. But if you are scared of mountain lions (and you know who you are!), bring your big, strong husband along. He is welcome. However, if he can’t come, just remember that you only have to be a faster runner than the slowest person in the group.

Fourth, come no matter what shape you are in! This is a chance to socialize and experience the great outdoors by moonlight.

Lastly, BRING A FRIEND. The more the merrier.

Leave me a comment if you want date and time information and I'll get back with you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Color or BW?

I love classic b and w, but this color is fun? What do you think? BTW, these are some of Maddie's 1 year old photos. Isn't she yummy? ;)