Saturday, November 3, 2007

Finishing October

Although our birthday month has come and gone, we had a really eventful October finale. My friend Natalie was in town since she was evacuated from the San Diego fires, so we took our kids to the Discovery Gateway Museum.

Dex got his new truck and loves riding it around the neighborhood. The only problem is the short battery-life! We get half way around the block and then have to go get my car to tow it home :)

Dex tested positive for strep on Halloween, so yes, he really did feel as sad as he looks in the pictures. Avery was the most beautiful princess in the neighborhood. Since Trevin was also been under the weather the past week, Avery and I went to a Halloween block party and had a blast! The boys stayed home and napped. Neither one of them had the energy to find a comfortable place to nap. Dex fell asleep standing!

It was a great month for photos here, I hope November can top it!