Friday, March 7, 2008

More of the Wallins!

We’ve had a pretty quiet couple of months. Avery had a Valentine’s princess party at our house with all of her neighborhood friends. Complete with pedicure, jewelry making, and cupcake decorating. Ironically she had “pink” eye on Valentine’s Day (along with Dex) so we rescheduled the party. The next week we jetted to St. George for some fun in the sun. Although it rained and was chilly, we had fun getting away. Trevin went to an Ophthalmology course in Philadelphia and even more ironically took “pink eye” with him.

Dex learned to ski at Wolf Mountain. It’s the quaintest ski resort in Eden, Utah (about 25 minutes from our house.) The lodge is literally an old barn. And, in proper ski resort fashion, serves delicious hot, salty French fries.

My sister Brooke had her second child, Jack. After a short time in the NICU, all is well and he is home being tormented by Alex (his older sister). We haven’t had a chance to meet him. Dex is so excited to have another partner in crime. He is also crazy about babies.

Avery registered for Kindergarten this week. The counselor found it a little suspicious when Avery started reading the names of her friends aloud from the summer program sign up sheet.

Dex has started to talk circles around us (although he still requires a translator). Anyone know a good speech therapist? We stopped by his Gramma’s House (Nonna), just to grab something and he took his shoes off. I said, “Leave your shoes on buddy. We are going to Sam’s House.” He immediately replied, “Oh, I see! I didn’t know dat.” He loves firefighters, trains, skateboards, jumping, and dancing. He is starting to sing and can approximate (this is a speech therapist word) the first few lines of the Tim McGraw song that starts “One, two, three, like a bird I sing.”

FYI: I also included a photo from February 14, 1998 in Aspen, Colorado. Trevin asked me to marry him on that day. 10 years ago!


P.S. Don't forget to click on the photo to see the slideshow. I know most of you know this, but I'm not a very smart blogger.