Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dex is 2!

We had a whole week of festivities for Dex. He is having so much fun with all the "boy" toys that he received for his birthday. A fire engine, a train set, a tool box, a firefighter jacket and boots. He's going to be a "hire highter" for Halloween. Trevin finally put his foot down with Dex taking purses everywhere he goes and declaring pink as his favorite color!

Last weekend, Avery learned to ride a 4-Wheeler with her cousin. Even though she liked it, she still remains firm with her ambition to be a trick horse rider at rodeos when she grows up.

I will be 31 on Wednesday. Thank goodness that the whole 30 thing is finished. I didn't care much for that particular birthday. We really celebrate birthday months around here thanks to my friend Lor :)

Click on the slideshow for enlarged photos!


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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to Courtney and Dex! I didn't mind my actual 30th birthday - it was quite wonderful. BUT the whole rest of the year was pretty rough!

Your pictures are great, and I love seeing glimpses of your house through them. It's so beautiful!

Jessica Gray