Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring is here

It has been fun watching spring SLOWLY approach. It’s 5-7 degrees cooler for us up here in Mountain Green compared to the valley. We installed a play structure that has already paid for itself in entertainment value! Avery and Dex LOVE it as well as all of the other neighbor kids. It’s like a party everyday around here.

Trevin finished filling our vegetable boxes with top soil. So hopefully we can plant next weekend. And veggies won’t be the only thing growing around here! We signed up for round 3 and our 3rd baby will debut at the end of October.

We had a nice Easter although there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground. It was a pretty warm day. However, the Neighborhood egg hunt from the week before was in full snow gear ☺

We made another trip to St. George during the first of April with all of the Bleggis. The guys rode motorcycles, golfed, and biked. The girls just hung out! And, believe it or not, I forgot my camera AGAIN!

I’m saving up for a new camera so I haven’t been quite as motivated at capturing the moments with the old camera. Here are some fun photos as of recent. Dex seems to be at the age of Kodak moments, so you’ll see several of him. Trevin might not think that Avery’s dress-up tea party with Dex counts as a Kodak moment.

Avery claims that she’s “all about fashion.” I’m so excited about that especially since she’s only 5! Ha, ha! Everyday is a struggle to find the perfect outfit and hair. She just finished preschool and should probably be transferring into 8th grade!

I’m finished with work in 3 weeks and counting, hopefully I can pursue my digital hobbies more then. I did run a 5K last Saturday am. (not very competitively) I’ve been following a very inspiring blog. A baby with meningitis and his family’s journey through a huge trial. Check it out only if you have emotions of steel or a tissue near. (sorry, I couldn't make link work, just cut and paste)

The first photo was taken of Trevin and me in Lake Powell 12 years ago this month!


Lorelie said...

Dex looks more and more like Trevin, and Avery more and more like you each time I see pics of them. You have such a beautiful family and you are a wonderful mom. You do so much for them, Court.

Jessica said...

Congratulations on baby 3! I loved the update and pics. Avery and Dex are so cute!

Jordan said...

Nice to see and hear you are all doing well. Kids are real cute and Dex looks great all dressed up. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Duncan Family said...

Dexter looks great in pink. Thank you for introducing me to Charlie Cooper. I have a good cry at least a couple times a week while reading about him. They are a neat, strong family.

Calder Family said...

Yea! THat is so exciting! I'm glad we got an update! Your kids are so darn cute! I hope Dex's favorite color is still pink! Hope we get to see you guys soon.

Seth & Abbie Ollerton said...

It's good to see an update. We love the photos. Look at the little blonde boy in the photo of the winter Easter egg hunt. He looks like Dexter's twin.