Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Birthday Girl Starts School

In August 2002, Trevin and I went to the temple to decide on the name of our first daughter. She was born the very next day. Six years ago to the day, it was Avery who went to bed very excited and a little anxious because she was excited to begin her school career at the new Mountain Green Elementary. She was bound and determined to ride the bus on her first day with no help from mom. At her Kindergarten assessment she succeeded at all the teacher asked of her. Counting, reading, hopping, throwing. She is ready for a great year with Mrs. Hoffman and many of her close friends from the neighborhood.

Avery is a very vibrant child. She has a wild imagination and is bursting with creativity. She has more friends than anyone I know and kids of all ages love to be around her. Dexter loves her with all his heart and I’m sure she’ll take a little piece of it with her as she leaves for school everyday. She is a very caring, thoughtful, intelligent little girl. I love her more everyday. Just the other day I was telling her how Trevin and I met in a math class and we would study together. Although Trevin didn’t really need a study partner he humored me anyway. Avery said, “I think I’m going to be smart like dad.”

Avery had a very fun birthday party the weekend before school began. All of the Bleggi and Wallin families came. All of her cousins were there. Since it was during the Summer Olympics, it was an Olympic-theme. Everyone decorated a flag and competed in an obstacle course, tumbling event, relay race, and water balloon toss/fight. After the games we had a Gold Medal Ceremony and a BBQ. Later than night, Avery and Dex went swimming at the Searle’s Pool.


Jessica Gray said...

We know how wonderful Avery is! Joshua always loved being her friend. I remember at dinner one night (when we were all still in Michigan) Josh said, "I'm going to marry Avery." And then Dianne looked at him and rolled her eyes and said, "Her dad will NEVER let you."

Those pictures of Avery are beautiful!

Manda said...

I cant believe Avery is already going to kindergarten!She is so smart and unbelievably gorgeous! I know I dont have a whole lot to say in the parenting department, seeing how i'm not a parent, but you guys are obviously doing a fantastic job because your kids are amazing!! =)

Sara H. said...

Courtney! Avery is beautiful! I can't believe she is 5! Time goes by so fast! I love the pictures did you take them! The one with the rainbow is awsome! Did you know I named my baby Averee (along with everyone else who had a baby girl this year) I think you got the name before it was everyone else's idea! Oh well I love the name! Maicee starts kindergarten next year! Crazy huh?

Carol said...

What a beautiful girl. Can it really be true she is starting school. Where does time go??? Great to see how you are doing.

kates said...

Hey... this is Katie Hymas (trevin's cousin). Will you email me and tell me where you guys are living. Clark and I are relocating north and we are wanting to check out a bunch of different areas and I can't remember where your new home is. Thanks,