Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You say it's your birthday...

Another year has come and gone so quickly. Dexter is three! Our family wouldn’t be complete without him. He has a very calm personality, however, he is learning that he is entitled to his own opinion. In fact, he is quite particular. I left his closet door open the other day, he came to find me and told me that he didn’t like it like that. He is a great eater, a pretty good sleeper, and the family “motorhead.” If it goes, he loves it: Airplanes, bicycles, four-wheelers, cars, trains, tractors, but especially motorcycles. He is so excited to have a new baby in our family. He has named the baby “Sippy.” When we discuss names, he says that we call the baby what we want, but he will call it “Sippy.” He has a super sweet tooth and most days requests a treat before 10:00 am. He eats toast every morning for breakfast and insists on a cup of water every night before bed. He is a creature of habit. He loves to ride his bicycle around the block and always takes care of his helmet when he is finished. He doesn’t like having his toenails trimmed or his haircut. He is usually very quiet around strangers and doesn’t typically talk to them even when questioned.

For Dexter’s birthday, we went with his sister and cousin Alex to Build-A-Bear. He chose a turtle which he named Louie. He loves it has been taking care of it every day. After Build-A-Bear, we had lunch at Hot Dog on a Stick and cupcakes in the courtyard at Nordstrom. It was a very easy party to plan, but lots of fun. He was adamant that he wanted a cake, so we built him a motorcycle-jump cake. It turned out really cool. He is really proud that he is now three years old and can show it by holding up 3 fingers.

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Jessica Gray said...

Happy Birthday Dex! His hair is so blonde and cute - I love the pictures! He and Avery look so much alike now.