Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Maddie!!!

We have a half-birthday tradition around here. Why not? It's just a fun day to pick your favorite dinner and have a yummy dessert. Lucky for us, Avery loves hot dogs. Mmmmm! Can't think of any thing I'd rather have for dinner. Dexter decided that since Avery chose hot dogs, he might as well choose sushi rolls. Not sure I get the association, but they were tasty nonetheless. Maddie's half-birthday dinner was somewhat uneventful. Don't know what we had, but she probably gobbled up her sweet 'tatoes.

So, I guess the big news is that Maddie has hit the big six month mark and is one of the cutest critters on the planet, but I'll let you be the judge. Next item of business... Between Avery and Dex from 10:30 pm until 4:30 am last night there were 10 puking episodes and not much sleeping. They are currently taking much needed naps. There were no messes to clean up. They hit the bucket every time. Amazing! However, I am still washing ALL of the bedding since we played musical beds.

Maddie has a cold and took a three hour nap. Wish I could have coordinated the napping :) But, I'm glad they are all sick at the same time. No need to drag this thing out. I'm crossing my fingers that we aren't the carriers of the national pandemic to Utah.

So as a friend of mine so eloquently put it, there is an end to our storybook blog lifestyle. We don't spend all of our days baking cookies, visiting exotic locations, and posing for great photos. (although maybe we'd like to ;))


P.S. We did visit St. George, the local hot spot, for spring break and it was way less than hot. It was FREEZING...


lorelie said...

I love your storybook blog! The pictures, as always, are fantastic. Love the b&w pics of Maddie. She is beautiful. You've got a gift with your camera Court. Keep it up.

Seth and Abbie Ollerton said...

She is a cutie! By the way, I just adore Avery's hair in the St. George pics! She must have a really great stylist! She is so high fashion. What a great family picture.

Jessica 7 said...

All of your kids are adorable! This being the case, you know you have a responsibility to have at least 3 more - the world needs more beautiful people!! ;)

Sorry the kids are sick, and I hope everyone gets better soon!

Sara H. said...

You have a beatiful family! I am sorry about the puking! There is nothing worse than that! I hope it has stopped!

Carol said...

Courtney, Your kids are beautiful!!!