Monday, March 7, 2011

Snowy School Morning

One day gray, snowy morning last week I sent her off to the bus stop and snapped a few photos. It just so happened that she packed her own lunch that same day. I was happy about the choices she made and also thought it looked so yummy, so I captured it. She came home that afternoon very proud of herself and announced that she ate everything in her lunch box. She's been making her own lunch a little more now.


Bus 2


P.S. Don't judge me for the white roll. She LOVES white rolls. Who doesn't? (They are a Walmart special.) 

Also, I found these yummy Baked Kettle Chips at Costco.

Baby Pears and Strawberries purchased through this CO-OP.

The turkey is Foster Farms (from Costco). It's nitrite-free. I think this link is right.

Coming Soon.....

Weeknight Dinner Menu Ideas


Manda said...

can she pack my lunch? =) nice job ave!

lorelie said...

Awesome! Always love your pics and the encouragement of yummy eating. I will not judge you on the white roll, but no cookie?! hahaha =]

Rebecca said...

I think the lunch is beautiful, but my question is where did you get the lunch container? I've been looking for something similar so I can replace all of the small containers with one but no luck. So spill the beans, please!