Monday, June 4, 2012

summer night at the lake

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for our first outing to the lake this summer...

We ate yummy snacks....these.

We played in the sand.

The baby ate a lot of sand.

We went paddle boarding (and fell in love!)

Just like all of you, we have been busy, busy, busy during this past month.

We've been playing soccer.
We've been growing.
We've been pirates.
We've been learning to wave bye-bye.
We've been pedaling our wares. (Let us know if you are in need of a duct tape wallet, we are currently taking orders.)
We've been playing new sports.
We've been silly.
We've been building fairy/ninja houses.
We've been crossing our fingers that these hives are not food allergies!

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MartinCrew said...

FUN! Beautiful kids!