Monday, August 24, 2009

Photography Mentoring Class

One of the highlights of my summer was a photography class I took in SLC. I think I learned a lot there. Disclaimer: I know that Maddie's nose is gross in this photo and her eyes are sad. She had pink eye and a terrible cold. However, it's the edit that I was interested in here. So you be the judge. Do you think the class was worth it?

The 1st photo was straight out of the camera and the following photos were slightly edited.


lorelie said...

Wow, what a difference from the original photo. I love the b&w one best. Did you do this on photoshop then? Maybe I could pay YOU to tell me what you learned from your class!

reblindsey said...

would love for you to mentor me on the steps you took to get the b&w image. Beautiful baby girl and beautiful photo. Love her mouth in this image!