Monday, April 26, 2010

Must-haves, Issue 1

I love this awesome griddle. In fact, I've used it twice today! See recipes below. It was relatively inexpensive. In fact, my sisters gave it to my for my birthday a couple of years ago. I just wipe it clean (sometimes!) I don't really use the grill side because it's hard to clean, but I have. It works.

I use it to cook tortillas, quesadillas, pancakes, french toast, reheat pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, defrost meat, etc, (It's like magic. Chicken defrosts in like 30-45 minutes just sitting on the cold griddle!) Can you tell I watch way too many infomercials?

I have a gas stovetop and just leave it out all the time. See my last post for a photo of my stovetop.

Click here to get one for yourself! But don't get sucked into Crate and Barrel. You'll want one of everything! I just went to the actual store on Saturday and had to leave before I started adding stuff to my cart. I wouldn't have been able to stop.

Toad in the Hole Recipe

1 slice of whole wheat break
1 egg
salt & pepper

1. Turn on griddle and smear with a bit of butter.
2. Cut a hole in the slice bread.
I use a sippy cup. It's a good size.
3. Place bread on griddle.
4. Crack egg and pour in hole.
5. Cook for a while.
6. Flip and season.
7. Cook for a while longer.
8. Don't forget to throw your circle on the griddle for extra toast.
9. Feel sad that your baby can't eat a Toad in the Hole :(
Darn alleries!
10. Make recipe #2 so that your baby is happy.

Here's the smoothie we ate today. No recipe, just tips.

Chocolate Banana Blueberry Smoothie
Avery said it was the best smoothie EVER! Kudos to myself :)
I sometimes use Quik, but as of late just cocoa powder and sweetener

2 cups of milk
a banana
frozen blueberries
2 T cocoa powder
3 T honey
2 T ground flaxseed
1 t fish oil

I am going to start using the last two ingredients a little more just to give my kids a super-charge of brain power.

If you are wondering what on earth I'm talking about, Read this. It's such a great book on the importance of childhood nutrition.

P.S. Buy it from for about $7.


lorelie said...

I've now put this on MY must-have's list! Will you make me something on it when I come out again?! And I'll take a Chocolate Banana Blueberry smoothie too =]

Sydney said...

I love smoothies!!! My mom was way ahead of her time. As a little girl, my mom use to make us smoothies with her homemade yogurt. Oh..and with wheat germ in them, as well. We drank them everyday before going to school. So, my kids have grown-up drinking smoothies...forever. Love your recipes. Keep them coming. You are so smart and savvy when it comes to meals. Thanks.