Thursday, December 2, 2010

i love the mountains

early morning run
crisp air
spectacular views

who wouldn't want to live here! it may look and feel cold but, 


i also love my iphone, especially this app. it makes so many things possible. 
i find it hard to run hauling around my big ole camera bag ;)


Rebecca said...

Cort, that's absolutely beautiful. I can't believe that you shot that with your iPhone. (I also can't believe that I dropped the ball and haven't called you yet. Been crazy busy - maybe a phone date on Monday?!)

lorelie said...

That's a beautiful shot...looks almost like a polaroid pic! Love the old feel about it. And yes, I can feel the cold just looking at it! You never cease to amaze me, Court.

Chris and Paige Bell said...

I agree with you. Who wouldn't want to live there. I love your photos.

Sydney said...

So very beautiful. Still waiting for snow to show up here. Glad you have the chance to get out and run and enjoy Mother Nature.