Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mountain Green Moonlight Snowshoe Dates!

Here are the 2011 moonlight snowshoes dates. Men and women of all ages and abilities are welcome. Come no matter what shape you are in! This is a chance to socialize and experience the great outdoors by moonlight.

If you are not familiar with snowshoeing, here are a few tips. For those of you who are experienced, please comment with any more ideas/tips.

First, if you don’t have snowshoes, don’t let that stop you. Call me and I’ll help find you a pair. Rentals are very inexpensive (around $6.) You will need warm snow boots or possibly hiking boot.

Second, if you would like to purchase snowshoes, keep in mind the terrain where you will use them. If you come with us we will be mostly traveling on packed trails. If you come sometime with my husband and me, we venture off the beaten path into powder. Powder snowshoes are quite uncomfortable on packed trails. $80-100 would be a reasonable price for a good shoe. We have Tubbs, Redfeather, and LLBean and like all of the brands.
Lastly, BRING A FRIEND. The more the merrier. Send this info to anyone who might be interested in joining us.

So here are the dates… I will try to post/email a reminder a few days in advance.

Friday, February 18 
(Full Moon – this will be late due to moonrise time)

Friday, March 18 
(The day before the Full Moon – this will be late due to moonrise time)

Finally, if you are interested, comment/email me and I’ll send you a meeting time and place.


Amberlee said...

Dress in layers, you get surprisingly hot.

Holly said...

I'm glad you're doing this again! We definitely want to come...let me know where!

Sydney said...

Oh Man! Wish I lived closer so I could do this with you all. Gonna be great!

Rebecca said...

Wish I could come!

lorelie said...

That sound like so much fun! I haven't snowshoed since 5th grade....wish I lived closer to join you in one of your many adventures, Court. You're awesome!