Saturday, March 24, 2012

Math Skills

When I was in college I had a super studious roommate. She studied all day long everyday in preparation for admittance to pharmacy school. She rocked at science and math. Our junior year, we piled in her car and headed for some fun in the sun. At one point during the road trip, we passed a sign that told us we were 240 miles from our destination.

What happened next was a conversation that went something like this....

Me: "If we go exactly 80 miles per hour for the rest of the trip how long will it take us to get there."

Smarty pants: "Probably about 3 hours."

Me: "No, tell me EXACTLY how long!"

Smarty pants: "3 hours."

At this point, I'm sure she was thinking,  "Are you going to be able to finish college and more importantly, how did you even get in?"

My husband recently came across this viral youtube clip and it felt so familiar. Luckily, I understand the concept now, but I can really relate to this video (and yes, maybe I should feel embarrassed to admit that, but I don't.) Have a happy weekend.

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A said...

It is funny you sent that to me, because somebody at work was just telling me I should watch that video. I definitely remember that conversation like it was yesterday.
We really did have some good laughs together.