Friday, April 13, 2012

Clean as a Whistle

Since we finished our basement, cleaning the house has been no small feat. But as of this very minute, my entire home is clean from top to bottom. I do have to admit that I spent a couple of hours last night getting started. And now, voila! Toilets scrubbed, mirrors shined, floors mopped, furniture dusted. Let the weekend begin!!!! (and, the cleaning will start over again on Monday morning. boo, hoo, hoo :()

A special thanks goes out to my sweet 3 years old, Direct TV, a wonderful napping baby, and an after- Kindergarten playdate.

How and when do you clean your house? Chunks, bust it out, a cleaning service, or who cares about clean?


The Three Freckles said...

I so have to be in the mood to clean that is for sure. My Mom and Sister came up yesterday and we washed allllll my walls. It was amazing and so fun. We are doing turns each month at each others homes. My turn again in July I want to do my Windows!

Rebecca said...

what a great feeling to have your entire house clean at the same time. I always joke with Brent that either the downstairs can be clean, or the upstairs can be clean - but they can't be clean at the same time. Fact is, though, it's not really a joke. My energy kaputs before I can get to both! Enjoy the weekend!