Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Love

_MG_1201.jpg by Mountain Light Photography

This little darlin' is so delightful. Such a fun little one to have around. Eats well (obviously), sleeps well, plays well. After three girls, I'm finally happy that I've gotten a photo with one of them wearing this little sweater. Just in time too, because the buttons are almost popping! My Grandma Mary knitted it for me when I was little and now I get to share it with my brown-eyed girl.

On a side note, she is a very serious baby. Getting her to crack a smile is quite a feat. She's a little unsure around strangers (which is anyone but me.) So most of the shots turned out like the one below. But, thanks to my neighbor anyway for trying and thanks for letting us stage our shoot on your porch.


Rebecca said...

She's beautiful, even with her cautious scowl. :)

lorelie said...

Brown eyes?! She's is chubby and yummy and I love that she is wearing your sweater. You make beautiful babies, Court.